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Over 10 years we have given the Best Dot Net Training in Chennai and happy to announce that we are now becoming the best Dot Net Training institute in Chennai for world-class software professionals.

Automation Minds is a leading provider of Dot Net Training in Chennai. Excellent syllabus with Assured Job Placements and Microsoft Certified Developer for the Dot Net certification. We provide Dot Net Training in Chennai with Placement in leading companies.


India’s Top Rated Best DOT NET Training Institute in Chennai provides Real-time and Practical Trainings exclusively on ASP.NET 4.0 / 4.5 with 100% JOB Gauranteed Course. Automation Minds, The Best Dot Net Training center in Chennai has been providing the best possible Dot Net Course in Chennai on both Classroom Trainings and Corporate Trainings for more than 10 years. Our Dot Net content covers C Language & Data Structures, MS.NET Package (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET), ASP.NET MVC, Web Services & WCF, WPF, Silverlight, AJAX, LINQ, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server, Live Project as in real time environment following all SDLC Principles. Our course design and classes leads to certification and more….


We have been training students since the certification has been introduced and every student has been able to clear the exam successfully(quite a few have even topped the exam with 100% score).


Our comprehensive Dot Net training in Chennai Syllabus covers Basics through Advanced Concepts. This DOT NET course is specifically designed as per the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) to provide COMPLETE PRACTICAL Training on .NET Technologies.

  1. MS.NET Package (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET)
  3. Web Services & WCF
  4. WPF
  5. Silverlight
  6. AJAX
  7. LINQ
  8. SharePoint 2010
  9. SQL Server
  10. Live Project as in real time environment following all SDLC Principles

.NET is a programming framework created by Microsoft, so that developers can use to create applications more easily. The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software technology that is available with several Microsoft Windows operating systems. The .NET Framework is a key Microsoft offering and is intended to be used by most new applications created for the Windows platform.

The aim of the .Net framework is to make the development easy to build desktop and web applications. This development platform includes Visual Studio IDE, .Net framework and other server technologies. This platform inspires web software development.


  • C: An ideal beginning for every programming career.
  • C#: It’s a most popular programming language using which you can develop windows and web based applications.
  • SQL Server 2012: It’s an ideal choice of database for all MS.NET applications.
  • LINQ: Modern way of writing queries over objects and also over database. This feature really makes the developer very productive while developing the application.
  • ASP.NET: It’s a framework for developing Web Applications. Using ASP.NET you can build any kind of website which can be as complex as or
  • Live Project: As said earlier this course will provide complete information about how one can develop LIVE Website.
  • LINQ: LINQ introduces standard, easily-learned patterns for querying and updating data, and the technology can be extended to support potentially any kind of data store.
  • Entity Framework: The Entity Framework enables developers to work with data in the form of domain-specific objects and properties, such as customers and customer addresses, without having to concern themselves with the underlying database tables and columns where this data is stored.
  • Web Services: A web service is a unit of managed code that can be remotely invoked using HTTP that is, it can be activated using HTTP requests.
  • Remoting: .NET Remoting is a mechanism for communicating between objects which are not in the same process. It is a generic system for different applications to communicate with one another.
  • WCF: WCF can be described as simplified communication between applications or programs written in different languages or residing at different locations.
  • WPF: WPF help us to build windows client application with visually stunning user experience. We can create both standalone and browser-hosted application.
  • Silverlight: It enables us for writing and running rich internet applications. It integrated multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity in to a single run-time environment.
  • HTML5 & CSS3: These web designing Tools provide bunch of elements to design the web pages look more modern & make the web pages more comfortable.HTML5 is a presentation language which provides more features to make easy to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the web. CSS3 provides awesome features for animations and also to perform arithmetic operations etc.
  • JavaScript and jQuery: JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language that runs on client side. It manipulates elements on a Web page by means of a Document Object Model(DOM), which is an API for interacting with a Web page. The term AJAX is short for Asynchronous Java script And XML. AJAX is used to exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page without reloading the page.
  • ASP.NET MVC: It is architecture for developing interactive applications where there would be a user interaction involved and event handling would occur.

Dot Net Expert Training: Learn .NET from the same team involved in product development.


Worked earlier in Dot Net Corporation, IBM, Google, Verizon, CSC, Satyam etc.


Watching a movie is easier than making a movie…Anyone can appreciate a website based on its content but how many of us can even imagine the intricacies of developing a website?
ASP.NET is the simplest way to develop dynamic websites and web applications using MS.NET Framework. What many don’t know is that ASP.NET is a Framework by itself and not a programming language. C# is the best choice of programming language used for writing code in ASP.NET websites.

If you have passion towards web development then our ASP.NET Training In Chennai course will provide you with the complete knowledge required to building dynamic websites. Mr. Yuvraj , (MCPD in web development) in his ASP.NET videos series has very well demonstrated the mindset one should have to develop websites from ground up. Let it be a complex topic like ASP.NET architecture, he has done an excellent job in simplifying the subject in a language which even a beginner can easily understand and use in his work place.

Like all of our other courses, ASP.NET Training course also has walkthroughs, samples, Interview Questions and Assignments (along with solutions) to help you build confidence in subject knowledge. We have also included source code of simple but complete project to get the participant knowledge of how ASP.NET can be used in web development.

To overcome the mental block of many, who for some reason, feel classroom based training is better than our ASP.NET Training, we ensure that all your queries are resolved on timely manner and if needed, you can meet our subject matter experts in Automation Minds to clarify any questions you may have.

On completion of this ASP.NET Training course we assure you that you will be able to develop a complete dynamic website independently on your own.


  • Know the benefits of ASP.NET over the traditional ASP technology for web development.
  • Understand the in-depth the architecture and internals of ASP.NET functioning.
  • Use ASP.NET Controls and build the dynamic web page.
  • Implement client side validations using validation controls framework.
  • Change the Look and Feel of the site by applying themes dynamically.
  • Learn various navigation techniques for integrating web pages within the site.
  • Reuse UI for dynamic content using Master Pages and User Controls.
  • Overcome a limitation of HTML – Retaining State between pages.
  • Use cookies and sessions as state management techniques and know merits of each of them.
  • Learn about various configuration options for dynamic changes to site without rebuilding and publishing.
  • Develop secure modules within the site and provide User based and Roles based limited access to them.
  • Take the advantage of built-in providers for membership, roles and profiles management.
  • Perform CRUD operations and handle dynamic data from SQL Server.
  • Develop AJAX enabled websites for high level of interactivity.
  • Build and Publish Web Applications to production server.


Software development is more than just coding. Before you write even a single line of code, it requires careful Analysis of the requirements, gathering information, preparing the necessary documentation which requires understanding the requirements using Software Development Life Cycle. And that’s just the beginning. Success of the project will depend on how we decide to tackle the complexity of the real time project, the choice of technology, the type of architecture etc.

Best DotNet Training In Chennai .NET Live Project Training will help you to experience the complete project lifecycle using SDLC. The content to this course has been developed by Mr. Dinesh who has hands on experience in both software development as well as training
Through this .NET Live project course we teach you how to apply following concepts in one single project and develop a solution to a given problem from ground up.

  • Object Orientation Principles
  • Handling Stored Procedures and other database operations using LINQ
  • Security (Forms Authentication)
  • State Management using Cookies and Sessions
  • Master Pages&User Controls
  • Payment Gateway integration

Using N-Tier architecture along with LINQ is very well demonstrated so that you can know how the projects are developed in real-time environment. We can assure you that on completion of this training you can build any kind of web application with confidence. With knowledge imparted you will have confident of any software developer who has worked for some time in a real-time software project.


As we move from intuition based decision making to factual decision making, it is increasingly important to capture data and store it in a way that allows us to make smarter decisions. This is where Data warehouse comes into picture. There is a huge demand for Data warehousing professionals and this course acts as a foundation which opens the door to a variety of opportunities in Business Intelligence space.


Best Dot Net Training in Chennai focused on perfect knowledge transfer of technical skills for Freshers and working professional. Our Training rooms are sure to help the students with complete practical training. Automation Minds is a leading Dot Net Training company in Chennai. We are known for our authorization towards Dot Net training in Chennai that enable students to gain real-time exposure on competitive technologies. Dot Net Trainings are provided by employees from our Company to give a real exposure. Dot Net Training in Chennai offers best Dot Net Training and free consultation. We make sure that all our sessions are very much interactive and well structured

We provide world-class Microsoft certification and placement training in Microsoft Technologies. An impeccable .NET course that is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced Concepts. Study Material, Certification and Interview Guidance are provided during the course. All our training sessions are Completely Practical.

We develop a personal relationship with students and ensure that we the Best Dot Net training center in Chennai maximize their learning, and we offer supplemental mentoring by our instructor.. Automation Minds is the Best training institute offer Dot Net training in Chennai with Placements by certified experts with real-time LIVE PROJECTS. Our Dot Net training institute in Chennai syllabus is perfectly mixed with practical and job oriented training for developers and administrators.

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