3D Animation & VFX Training Institute In OMR – Sholinganallur – Chennai

Visual effects give life to imaginary environments and actions that is impossible to happen/capture in real life. In various fields, including Entertainment, Architecture, Medicine, and Education, visual effects have become very important to gain audience attention. With the growing need to have visual effects in various fields, the need for people who are proficient in developing visual effects has grown many folds.

The C-Tech Higher Diploma in Visual effects has been created to meet this need of having trained, creative, industry-ready Visual Effects Artists to serve the various related fields. The aim of the diploma is to prepare the students for employment by empowering them to create a portfolio that showcases their works, and in turn prepare them to face the industry challenges in a real-time environment.


Level 1

  • Visually communicate a message
  • Source your own still images through Digital Photography
  • Digitally adjust the lighting, color and placement of visuals by using industry-standard software
  • Work with letters, colours, illustrations, images, and other information to design for specification

Level 2

  • Use the visual story-telling techniques
  • Develop UI designs and various Web elements to come up with a user-friendly Web page
  • Develop Website animations, interactive elements and engaging presentations
  • Develop a full-length character animation

Level 3

  • Create 3D objects for films
  • Understand the various concepts related to Cinematography
  • Effectively deliver a story by utilizing right audio and video editing techniques
  • Composition and effects fundamentals

Level 4

  • Composite videos with attention to detail of color, perspective and character
  • Develop effects by using dynamic simulation techniques and render them for compositing
  • Use Re-lighting, HDRI and Projection techniques
  • Build and composite 3D scenes for a CG composite
  • Convert 2D films to 3D films


    • Trains on storytelling and script writing techniques
    • Teaches the entire pipeline of VFX production, from Video Capturing techniques to Final Rendering
    • Covers all techniques that the industry demands, like Conversion of 2D movies to 3D
    • Imparts practical knowledge through Industry-Standard Projects
    • Provides a 100% Job-Oriented curriculum that prepares you for Multilevel Job Opportunities


    • Having trained and placed around 60 thousand students over the years, Greens Technology offers 100% placement in top-notch companies with a good package.
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